Snow Ghosts

Snow Ghosts

For Franz Wright 1953-1015


His madness came in blowing blizzards,

Or falling deep enough to cover a house.

As I sit on my porch in Alaska

Watching show ghosts , tall and malevolent as Christmas, blow under the street lamps,

I pray they not visit him.

c2016 YH

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Learning to write

What I’m working on now. My sentences are so convoluted and messy. I have a bad habit of not checking for dangling modifiers. This series is entertaining and easy to understand. I work on one problem in my writing throughout the whole week so that it sticks in my brain, and I take time toto doublecheck before posting. The more I practice small things on a weekly basis , the better I write clearly and simply. I make haste slowly and deliberately.

Grammar Bytes! Presents :: Finding and Fixing Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

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My reading Life

Question for those who have large, personal libraries, I have several anthologies of women’s biographies, large anthologies of both womens’ fiction and poetry, and se verbal volumes of women writers talking about writing, several volume s of women’s short stories from different countries around the world. Here is the question, would you keep all of these anthologies together, or would you separate them into the catagories like all of your other anthologies?

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My reading life

What I hate to get rid of, even though I dip into them, and have never read one of them from beginning to end: Pushcart Prize Anthologies, “Best American ” …. Poetry, short stories, travel writing, mysteries, etc…., “Best New Southern Writing”, “O Henry Prize” anthologies, etc…. Would free So much space and give a cleaner look and line to my library, yet I can’t bear to give them up. I’d just buy them again.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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